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Insurgent Aztlan The Liberating Power of Cultural Resistance

What Scholars are saying...

Armando B. Rendón
CEO and Founder of the Somos en escrito Literary Foundation

"In Insurgent Aztlán (2020), his debut work as an author-scholar, Dr. Ernesto Todd Mireles focuses on the underlying socio-political reality that Mexican Americans must face as their numerical ascendancy in the U.S...." 

Rodrigo Villareal Houston Brown Beret, Council Union Representative

"Insurgent Aztlan is a concise book on Chicano resistance and anti-colonization. It covers Native/Chicano history, philosophy and strategies to put into practice...." 

Ernesto Ayala, Chair Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida

"If one could physically take the timeline of Chicano (Xicano) history and view it from afar we would be able to see the initial break in our history that threw us into the settler colonial reality we currently live under. ..."

Nora Salas, Ph.D. Associate Professor Xicana Historian
Director, Kutsche Office of Local History

"Insurgent Aztlan is a powerful examination of Xicano resistance literature largely created outside the academy. ..."

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