My Advice - Learn How to Shoot

The furor over the right of people to carry guns in public is reasonable. Where I live in Prescott, AZ., it is common place to see men (mostly) wearing pistol on their hips as they shop, go to restaurants, walk in the park. At first, it was disconcerting and for those of us who grew up in the 70, and 80s it seemed like this open carry issue was settled in favor of ‘only crazy people carried guns around.’

As we slide into 2019 its clear the issue of open carry is not settled, kind of like the whole white supremacist/Nazi/Fascist goose stepping down the street thing. Honestly, by the 1990s, for real I thought those guys were done. But here we are smack dab in the middle of resurgent bald faced white supremacy and when you really think about it how can you blame white boys for wanting to strut and be the king of the hill? They’ve lived within the fantasy of their own natural dominance for the past five centuries, the settler right to rule, to exact from this land the resources and wealth that can be found. This is the settlers due, their inheritance, their right. Even if you and I aren’t believers in the settler fantasy - a lot of them are clearly willing (or itching) to make their point.

I don't advocate open carry (and that goes for the police too) I think it's reckless and unnecessary for the most part. I think Xicanos that advocate open carry with no training program to teach the widespread use of firearms in the barrios are truly engaging in machoist posturing. A type of consumerist one dimensional masculinity, which positions physical violence as the poor outcome of anti colonial struggle.

The point being, given the genocidal history of this nation simply walking around with guns is dangerous for Brown people and politically a waste of time. Starting neighborhood gun clubs and gun safety training program designed maybe using NRA gun safety guidelines to teach people on a wide spread basis how to properly operate a firearm would not be a waste of time.

So “ordinary fucking people” are walking around with guns? It's scary, not really necessary but real. The question each of us has to answer for ourselves is how do we learn to properly use a firearms? Think of all the veterans in our community that could give proper firearm instruction. Is it anti american to teach people how to shoot guns? Is it anti-american to own guns and bullets? To shoot your weapon with deadly accuracy? No, it’s not. In fact it's probably one of the defining freedoms we have in this country after free speech.

Owning a gun is not a violent act. Learning how to properly use and maintain a firearm is not a violent act. It does nothing to raise or lower the capacity for violence. That capacity flows solely from the human psyche - if someone wants to hurt another person - there are always words, rocks, sticks, cars, letter openers, paper clips.

Stop posturing about non violence and peace. Go buy a gun and learn how to use it. Make sure and get a couple of clips ‘cuz bullets go fast. Go to the range, target practice, reloading and keep it to yourself. Why advertise? License your weapon and become adept at its use. Teach others what you know.

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