Colegio Chicano Course Informaton

Dear Friends,

We have completed our first year of classes at the Colegio Chicano del Pueblo (September 2020 - December 2021) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Our students were outstanding by every measure, their classroom contributions exceeded all expectations, and the commitment to helping us here at the Colegio, bring Xicano studies to the community at large was humbling. In light of this, we envision this new year of 2022 to be even better!

The Colegio’s 2022 academic year will begin on Monday February 28. Just like our first year, CCP will offer 5 eight-week semesters throughout the year. This year, however, in response to the needs of our Raza community— together with MeXicanos2070—we will be issuing Xicana/o/x Studies certificates, as per your request.

While we are recruiting more professors to facilitate the overwhelming interest in our courses, we’ll be forced to limit enrollment to 25 students per class. This will assure that students receive the individual attention and instruction to meet the criteria for our new certificate program. As such, certificate-seeking students will be given priority for class enrollment over those who are not.

This year, we will offer two courses per semester. The first two courses are below. Click on these links to sign up for either class:

Introduction to Mexican American Studies
Bringing Xicano History to the Present

(If you completed Introduction to Mexican American Studies last year and want to continue on for a Xicana/o/x certificate please email me directly.)

While this new focus will inevitably result in some students not being able to enroll in the class of their choice, rest assured that we continue to have your interests at heart, and are working toward facilitating them more fully. As such, we have recently embarked on a funding campaign to secure more teachers so that we may increase section offerings of our more popular classes.

We are also pleased to announce that—in addition to the classes we offered last year—we have included several Xicana/o/x art and music classes into in this year’s curriculum.

This new year of 2022 we will also be offering 1 to 2-hour seminars on topics specific to the Xicana/o/x community that will be open to all. And keep an eye out for our special two-week writing workshop offered this summer, at a very low price.

It is our sincerest hope no student will experience a delay in enrolling in the classes they wish to take. However, if so, we thank you for your kind understanding and patience as the Colegio Chicano del Pueblo grows into better serving our community.

La Lucha Sigue,

Ernesto Mireles, MSW, Ph.D.

Phone: 928.350.2231

PS: Your voice matters to us, so please take a moment to fill out this very important survey on Xicana/o/x political attitudes being conducted by Mexicanos 2070 and the Colegio Chicano del Pueblo.

Chicano Political Keyword Mobilization Study

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