Building Organization

Knowing how to move large groups of people in the communities where you live and work is power. Power, hopefully, to advance the ideals of fairness, justice, and national liberation. It is this need for power that makes community organizing and building social justice change organization vital.

Realistically how dedicated are any of us to the idea building organization and the practice of community organizing? Dedicated to the belief political education and organizing is the main way for indigenous people in this country to take control of the resources in their communities.

The intentional brutality injected into indigenous existence over the last 500+ years by the settler system has successfully deprived our greater community of the will, and ability to mount a national movement that could build a spirit of resistance moving from settler colonialism to liberation.

How do we go about doing this? What can we do on a personal level to help ourselves, our children, neighbors, and people at the bus stop to envision resistance to settler colonialism?

First, we acknowledge settler colonialism is a real political, economic, cultural, and historical system and must be dealt as such.