A response to LA Taco’s “Homies for Trump” or in defense of foos.

This article was written by Ernesto Ayala for Tele-jaguar and reprinted here by permission of the author.

Recently an article came up on my Facebook feed named “HOMIES FOR TRUMP: UNPACKING THE CONFUSION IN LATINOS WHO SUPPORT HIM IN THE FOO COMMUNITY,” not wanting to miss a chance at taking another swing at what can only be described as traitors and backstabbers, vendidos AND vendepatrias I proceeded to read the piece. The article starts off very good stating “Homies for Trump: are three words that many adults who grew up in the barrios of progressive epicenters like Los Angeles probably would have never imagined seeing next to each other.” This in itself is true. Who would’ve thought that in what many have called “the capital of Aztlan” we would be seeing our own blatantly turn their back on their people. Nevertheless, in honest reality it wouldn't be anything new, every people have their traitors, compradors and sellouts. We do too.

The article then goes on to mention, “Latinos are not a monolith” something again we could agree with. The writer Nathan Solis also makes a good point about how groups like “Latinos for Trump” help whites psychologically not feel as guilty about what they’re doing or claim to believe. I guess the walls to Trump supporter’s safe space are made out of Coconut husks and Oreos as well.

However, after or besides that the confusion starts and goes down a hole that mixes woke MEPA neoliberal politics and straight up Miami Gusanismo.

The writer goes on to do what liberals and the right wing constantly have done and that is to mask something inherently Chicano Mexicano as “Latino” but use it to bash the Chicano Mexicano nation inside of the “USA.” Pointing the finger directly at the rapidly emerging Chicano subculture that is very much alive in the Barrios and Social Media, the piece mentions “the foo community.”

As far back as I can remember I was in the 6th grade at Morningside Elementary in San Fernando, Califas, when Chicano youth began referring to each other as “foo” this was around 1992 or 93. The word gained popularity over the various other terms although these are still used, (homie, homes, carnal, ESE, vato, etc.). Almost 30 years later from the first time I heard this word made its way into my personal lexicon with the advent of social media which has popularized it far and beyond the traditional Chicano Mexicano cultural region of the Southwest/Aztlan.)

Back to the point, Nathan Solis the writer goes on to use La Raza as the political piñata that everyone likes to smack around when convenient. What the article fails to realize is that:

1. There is no “Latino” community, rather this “Latino” group is really a set of separate ethnicities and a few nations the largest and oldest within the confines of the USA being the Chicano Mexicano. This mashed up ball for the most part brown are groups with vastly different histories and experiences. For example, there is a huge difference between a “Foo” in any Barrio and a white Miami Cuban gusano that abandoned their nation because of the Cuban people’s heroic revolutionary struggle.

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