A timeline of events in the Xicano Latino Community in Lansing, MI., and Michigan State University 1962 – 2014




10/22/62 Latin Americans United for Political Action (LAUPA) Founded in Detroit, MI. Create La Sed. 




2/63 The Latin American Studies Center at Michigan State University is founded.


10/63 The Alianza Federal de Mercedes is founded in New Mexico to fight for land grant issues.




6/64 Michigan Governor Romney creates Governor's commission on Migrant Labor.


7/18/64 Latin Americans United for Political Action (LAUPA) conference in Jackson, 400 present, 10 pt. program on migrant worker laws.


12/64 Bracero Program Ends.




1965 The Crusade for Justice is formed in Denver, Colorado.


2/65 MMOI (later United Migrants for Opportunity Inc. [UMOI]) founded by MMM & Catholic Church in Southeast Michigan.


9/65 Michigan Migrant Housing Licensing law passed, small migrant summer ed $ passed


9/8/65 The mostly Filipino American members of another union, the AFL-CIO-affiliated Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC), walk out on strike against Delano-area grape growers on Sept. 8, and ask Cesar's largely Latino National Farmworkers Association (NFWA) to join the walkouts.


9/16/65 Mexican Independence Day, the National Farmworkers Association (NFWA), with 1,200-member families, votes to join a strike. Thus begins the five-year Delano Grape Strike.


1/66 Michigan workers comp and housing law go into effect. Both ineffective.


3/66 U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy participates in hearings of the Senate Subcommittee on Migratory Labor. After listening to the Kern County Sheriff relate how his deputies arrested peaceful picketers because they were being threatened by struck growers, Kennedy suggests, “that the sheriff and the district attorney read the Constitution of the United States.” Senator Kennedy visits the union hall and picket lines, and then supports the strikers.


4/66 Detroit, Easter Sunday March for migrant workers to be included in Minimum Wage Law.


4/66 United Farmworkers Organizing Committee (UFWOC) Delano-Sacramento March 17-April 11


4/12/66 Rainer Delgado born, Taft, TX.


5/15/66 Ernesto Todd Mireles born Charlotte, MI.


6/13/66 US Supreme Court: Miranda case: suspects entitled to be informed of their rights when arrested (right to remain silent, be told anything you say may be used against you, have a lawyer)


12/18/66 Anthony Spangler born Flint, MI.




3/1967 Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO) formed in San Antonio, Texas. States


1967 Brown Berets formed in Los Angeles, California.


1967 'Yo Soy Joaquin' is published.


3/67 First United Farmworkers (UFW) Boycott office opens in Detroit, MI.


3/26/67 Easter Sunday Migrant March Saginaw to Lansing (Concerned Citizens for Migrant Workers) - 1000 in end, Latin Americans United for Political Action (LAUPA) split.


4/67 Migrant Education Programs Begin in Michigan.


4/1/67 Cesar Chavez visits Michigan; speaks at United Autoworkers (UAW) Solidarity House.


4/4/67 Ruben Alfaro group meets with Michigan Gov. Milliken to discuss Xicano issues.

4/10/67 Ruben Alfaro organizes all day rally at Michigan Capitol for Migrants.


4/13/67 Creation of Michigan Committee to Aid Farm Workers (MCAFW) by United Autoworkers (UAW), Kern & Bennalleck.


6/5/67 Tierra Amarilla Courthouse Raid in New Mexico.


6/67 Rural Manpower Center issues a 30-month study on piecework labor rates for migrant workers that calls for no less than $1.25 an hour with housing deductions allowed by the Michigan Wage Deviation Board.


7/67 Publication of special report, “Socio-cultural Patterns Among Michigan Migrant (Mexican, Appalachians, Negroes) Farm Workers” by M. Reul of the Rural Manpower Center.




1968 First Michigan Brown Beret Chapter formed in Kalamazoo, MI. by Apaxu Maiz.


11/68 Radio Program, “Variedades En Espanol,” which later becomes “Ondas en Espanol” begins initial broadcast in Lansing under the auspices of WKAR.




3/69 First Chicano Youth Liberation Conference in Denver, Colorado.


3/69 Alurista reads El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan at the Youth Liberation Conference.


7/69 Publication of Mexican Americans in the Midwest, An Annotated Bibliography by Nancy Saldana of the Rural Manpower Center.


7/12/69 First Statewide meeting of Michigan Brown Berets:  Kalamazoo, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Saginaw chapter represented.


11/69 Mexican American Student Day held at Michigan State University with over 200 students from 20 Michigan communities participating.




1970 Second Chicano Youth Conference in Denver, Colorado.

2/6/70 Ruben Salazar writes “Who is the Chicano and what is it the Chicanos want” for the Los Angeles Times

3/10/70 Associated Press. “Pattengill Pupils hold 2nd protest” The State News, Vol. 62 Number 151. p. 5.


3/11/70 Saddler, Jeanne. “Pattengill protesters plan move” The State News. Vol. 62 Number 152. p. 2.


4/3-5/70 Chicano Youth Conference held at Erickson Kiva Michigan State University. Featured speakers were Rosalio Munoz (Chicano Moratorium) and Carlos Guerra (Mexican American Youth Org. Texas).


4/6/70 Borger, John. “Vandals fail to mar youth conference” The State News, Vol. 62 Number 158. Front Page.

8/29/70 National Chicano Moratorium March, Ruben Salazar murdered by the police. 


12/6/70 Magda Sanchez born in




3/71 Part I of US Dept. of Labor study, “Mexican Americans in Transition: Introduction and Summary” by H. Choldin and G. Trout, published by Rural Manpower Center.


3/71 Association for Chicano Counselors and Advisors holds first educational conference at Michigan State University.


4/71 Part II of US Dept. of Labor study, “Mexican Americans in Transition: Social Characteristics and Migration Experiences” by H. Choldin and G. Trout, published by Rural Manpower Center.


5/71 Part III of US Dept. of Labor study, “Mexican Americans in Transition: Employment, Finding Jobs, Making a Living, and Getting Ahead” by H. Choldin and G. Trout, published by Rural Manpower Center.


6/16/71 Stephanie Rios born in Weslaco, TX.


6/71 In a survey of 26 Michigan daily newspapers, University researchers find that of 718 employees, none are Hispanic.


8/2/71              Francisco López Born Azcapotzalco, México DF


11/71 Formation of the Chicano Veterans Association at Michigan State University.


12/71 Part IV of US Dept. of Labor study, “Mexican Americans in Transition: From Field to Factory, The Transitions from Agricultural Migrant Labor to Urban Industrial Employment”, by H. Choldin and G. Trout, published by Rural Manpower Center.




3/72 Publication of report, “An examination of the Receptivity of Mexican-American and Anglo Rural Disadvantaged to Educational Programs” by L. Tindall, R. Garner and F. Bobbitt of the Rural Manpower Center.


7/23/72 Alexandra Lozada born Queens, New York.


8/29/72 The Chicano Moratorium takes places in East Los Angeles. The police riot and murder Chicano journalist Ruben Salazar.


12/31/74 Maria Zavala born in Donna Tx.




10/73 Chicano students protest program exclusion from the First National Conference on Counseling Minorities in East Lansing.


11/73 Formation of student group, Chicano/Hispanic Students for Progressive Action.




5/74 MSU CHISPA hosts 400 public school students at its annual Visitation Day.


6/4/74 Daniel Soza III born Saginaw, MI.


8/74 Publication of the two-volume work, Mexican-American: A research bibliography, by Frank Pino through the Latin American Studies Center.


11/6/74 State News editorial “Support the UFW boycott”


11/8/74 Walker, Bruce Ray. “Rally pushes union lettuce” State News,




4/75 Students from eight Michigan Colleges (MSU included) meet at Siena Heights College in Adrian to discuss the formation of a statewide Hispanic student coalition.


4/9/75 Unknown, “Students vote on lettuce boycott; board of trustees will see results” State News.


4/9/75 Editorial, “Trustees must listen to the RHA poll results” State News.

4/9/75 Daly, Peter. “RHA plans to boycott Vote” State News.

4/11/75 Burgen, Michelle. “Decision on ‘U’ lettuce boycott may rest in student referendum” The State News.


4/12/75 Nora Salas is born in Lansing, MI.


4/25/75 Chick, Mary Ann. “ Residence hall occupants to vote on boycott of non-UFW products” The State News.


5/75 The University creates special committee to analyze MSU’s role in serving Hispanic and Migrant needs.


5/12/75 Chick, Mary Ann. “Lettuce boycott vote set for dorms today” The State News.


5/15/75 Less, Roseanne. “Students approve lettuce boycott” The State News.


5/22/75 MSU board of trustees passes resolution against buying non union lettuce.


9/75 University receives a HEW grant for bilingual education fellowships.


11/15/75 Nardi, Pat. “Board willing to support boycott” The State News, Vol. 188, No. 235


12/75 Beginning of a three part lecture series, “The Fine Arts in Education: The Chicano Experience” at Kresge Art Center.




4/21/76 Mark Anthony Torres born


5/76 Bob Padilla of San Jose, Califas, becomes defensive football coach at MSU.


7/76 Formation of the Puerto Rican Student Association.


7/76 Publication of the book of poetry, Un Paso Mas, by Ph.D student Mario Garza.


11/76 Election of Dr. Gumecindo Salas, Director of Minority Programs, to the State Board of Education.


11/76 Election of Mario Garza, Ph.D student to the Ingham Board of Commissioners.



4/16/77 Marcelina Trevino is born

5/77 Jesse Soriano, director of the State’s Migrant Education Program, receives MSU’s College of Education Alumni Distinguished Service Award.


6/77 According to a MDE report, 706 degrees were given to Hispanics by the state’s

private, public colleges, universities, and community colleges.


9/77 University receives a HEW grant of $65,000 to train bilingual teachers.


10/77 Publication of massive report, “Report on the role of Michigan state university in research, service, and education for Chicanos, Migrants, and Small farmers with recommendations.”




2/78 Six MSU Hispanic students – Ismael Camacho, Paul Rodriguez, Olga Martinez, Marinela Bernardo, Madeline Rivera and Juana M. Gonzalez are named to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities for the outstanding work done on their campuses.


3/21/78 Rosa Salas born in Lansing, MI.


4/78 MSU’s Institute for Family and Child Study receives a $59,713 grant to investigate the nutritional and health status of Michigan migrant children and families.


5/78 Publication of “Voces de Norte” (SMAB funding) first statewide Hispanic University magazine by CHISPA.


5/78 Dedication of CHISPA mural, “Tlalque” done by students in Wilson Hall.


7/78 Formation of Statewide university consortium (msu, u-m, wsu) for training of Hispanic Social Workers.


11/78 Incorporation of Nuestras Artes de Michigan, a statewide arts organization formed at MSU.




6/79 Latino Trade Unionist Leadership conference, sponsored by MSU, the UAW and the Michigan AFL-CIO held in Lansing.


6/79 More than 300 people participate in a statewide conference, “Hispanics and the Media” at the Kellogg Center.


6/79 State Board of Education reports lists number of Hispanics in Michigan colleges, universities, and community colleges, both public and private at 4,969.


12/79 Bilingual Education and Desegregation conference sponsored by the Office of Spanish Speaking Affairs, the Office of Civil Rights, and the Department of Education attended by over 200 people.




2/80 Student group, Chicano/Hispanic students for progressive action holds celebration, Chicano history week.


5/80 Third annual MSU graduation ceremony honors 25 Hispanic graduates, 9 of whom receive medical degrees.




11/25/84 O’Sullivan See, Katherine “Final Report on Ethnic and Racial Studies Thematic” First report done by Michigan State University (MSU) inquiring as to the feasibility of creating an Ethnic Studies “Thematic” or specialization.  Twenty faculty members were involved in the study from across academic disciplines found at MSU. The report was commissioned by Deans Barbara Steidle and Gwen Andrews.


4/16/86 From Dean Joe Darden to Provost David Scott “Recommendation on the establishment of a Hispanic American Institute”

7/18/86 The report “Status of Hispanics at Michigan’s Land Grant Institution” prepared by the Coalition of Hispanic Students for Progressive Action is released.


9/10/87 The response of the Minority Advisory Council to the report “Status of Hispanics at Michigan’s land grant institution” is release.


1/3/88 Richard Navarro meets with Lou Anna Simon about the new Hispanic institute and is informed for the first time that the funds for the institute from MSU are not recurring.


1988 The Julian Samora Research Institute is established at Michigan State University.



5/16/89 Black students occupying the Hannah Administration building receive memo from President John DiBiaggio concerning their demands. DiBiaggio demands Black students vacate the building. Black students hold the Hannah building for two weeks.


10/6/89 Martinez, Federico. “Report angers ‘U’ Hispanics” The State News


10/9/89 Martinez, Federico. “ ‘U’ retention rates among minorities fall” The State News.


11/16/89 MSU publically inaugurates the Julian Samora Institute.


11/17/89 Miner, Betsy. “Hispanic center open at MSU” Lansing State Journal.


11/17/89 Martinez, Federico. “New institute to break down barriers for Midwest Hispanics” The State News.


11/20/89 Margolis, Kimberly. “MSU center to study Hispanic problems” Detroit Free Press.