"History is what hurts, it is what refuses desire and sets inexorable limits to individual as well as collective praxis." - Frederic Jameson



11/4/91 Cipriano Torres Jr. is murdered by three Lansing Police department officers in the parking of the Motel Six on the corner of Washington and Business 496.




1992 Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan reforms at Michigan State University.


1/7/92: Vanderpool, Christopher “The future of Ethnicity Studies at MSU” MEMO Written to Kenneth Corey who was Dean of the College of Social Sciences. The memo outlines four assumptions that must be dealt with in considering the creation of race and ethnic studies at MSU: 1. Any future structural arrangement must have the triple mission of research teaching, and service outreach at the core of MSU’s Land Grant philosophy, 2. Viable programs are only possible of faculty take ownership of the structure in which they reside, 3. The new entity must provide a basis for creative activity which would lead to a sustained capability I attracting outside funding, 4. An international and comparative perspective must be central to the research, teaching, and service activities


9/16/92: Davila, Gisgie M. “Summer layoffs offend minority students, aides” The State News.


9/16/92: Ketels, Kevin. “Cuts force layoffs in minority office” The State News.


9/17/92: Ketels, Kevin. “OMSA finds alternatives for summer layoffs” The State News.


9/18/92: Ketels, Kevin. “OMSA layoff reversal brings mixed feelings” The State News.


9/24/92: (                     ). “MEChA sets goals for the future”


10/14/92: Davila, Gisgie M. “Minority numbers fall” The State News.


10/22/92: Ketels, Kevin. “OMSA to face cuts” The Student News.


10/23/92: Ketels, Kevin. “Cuts cause controversy” Front Page, The State News.


10/23/92: Letter from APASO, CHISPA, NAISO and MEChA to Fred Watson director of OMSA concerning funding spoken about by VP Moses Turner.


10/27/92: Ketels, Kevin. “Guyer may alter OMSA layoff plan” Front Page, The State News.


10/30/92: Davila, Gisgie M. “OMSA terminations called off - for now” The State News.

Nov. 1992: C/S a newsletter produced by MEChA students is released on MSU’s Campus.

11/3/92: Ketels, Kevin & Davila, Gisgie M. “Allocations of OMSA funds questioned” The State News.

11/6/92: Ketels, Kevin & Davila, Gisgie M. “Groups demand OMSA records” The State News.

11/10/92: Kim, Edwards. “Funding should be equitable” Letters to the Editor, The State News.

11/20/92: Ketels, Kevin. “OMSA funding review falters” The State News.

11/24/92: Ketels, Kevin. “OMSA funding questioned” The State News.

12/4/92: Coalition of Concerned Chicano/Latino and Asian Pacific American Students deliver a list of demands to interim president Gordon Guyer.


12/9/92: Guyer response to Coalition's demands with memo asking for more time.


12/16/92: Unknown. “Change hits ‘U’ at all levels - OMSA funding” The State News.




1/29/93: Wallen, Ester. “Minority coalition turns away from Turner” The State News.

2/3/91 (                      ) “Minority demands to be address” The State News

2/8/93 Finkelstein, Amy. “Enrollment falls; minority ratio increases” The State News.


2/10/93 Wallen, Ester. “OMSA control to transfer to provost office” The State News.


2/11/93 Miles, Gary. “Minority moves shock some” Lansing State Journal.


2/11/93 Wallen, Ester. “Future role of OMSA unclear” The State News.


2/15/93 Wallen, Ester. “Coalition unhappy with Guyer’s vague response” The State News.


3/26/93 Wallen, Ester. “Students voice concerns” The State News.


3/31/93 Cesar Chavez dies in Yuma, AZ.


4/5/93 Mireles, Ernesto. “Operation Zero - dawn of a new age” Opinion Page, The State News.


4/22/93 James Jay  responds for CANR to minority student coalition demands with written report to Poston and Imig.


4/26/93 Wallen Ester. "Pioneer for migrant worker rights dies" The State News

5/10/93 Spangler, Anthony. "Former Lookout editor is Lansing's newset publisher" LCC Lookout


9/16/93 Kamath, Namita. “AT&T illustration provokes ‘U’ march” The State News.


9/17/93 Kamath, Namita. “‘Token’ spots rejected” The State News.


9/17/93 Kamath, Namita. “Groups ask AT&T to make amends” The State News.


9/24/93 Lee, Michelle. “Diversity concerns raise ruckus” The State News.


9/24/93 Davila, Gisgie M. “MEChA sets goals for future” The State News.


10/7/93 Kler, Julianna. “ASMSU creates attendance bill” The State News.


10/7/93 Scotta, Tony. “Minority groups launch protest over diversity” The State News.


10/29/93 Kler, Julianna. Assembly member may be impeached.” The State News.


12/15/93 Bob Banks responds to Eduardo Torres and Liliana Mina over their concerns as to how the University is handling the grape boycott.



1/1/94 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiated by George H. Bush goes into effect as Bill Clinton takes office.

1/1/94 The Zapatista Army of National Liberation begins their war in Chiapas, Mexico.

1/4/94  JSRI Lansing Northside Proposal 

1/28/94 Haake, Jill. “Protest disrupts speech” The State News.

1/28/94 Riggle, Kristina. “McPherson lays out plans” The State News.

1/28/94 Scotta, Tony. “We must accommodate” Lansing State Journal.

1/28/94 Riggle, Kristina. “Protest lends irony to awards” The State News.


1/31/94 Haake, Jill. “Hispanic groups ask for representation” State News (Page 3).


2/6-12/94 Chicano History Week


2/7/94 (                 ) “Hispanic Leader emp. education” The State News.


2/8/94 Haake, Jill. “Activist urges students to squelch exploitation” The State News


2/10/94 Grape Boycott protest with Dolores Huerta – McPherson is pelted with grapes during this protest. Some video footage still exists.


2/11/94 Haake, Jill. “Chicanos deliver grapes, demands” State News (Front Page).


2/14/94 Editorial (1994) “Chicano rights: ‘U’ must begin to make good its promise of diversity” State News (page 5)


2/14/94 Holguin, Gerard. Editorial Cartoon “Wrath of Grapes” State News (page 5)


2/16/94 Haake, Jill. “Protest disrupts speech: student groups demand voice, chanting ‘No justice, no peace’” State News (Front Page).


2/17/94 Haake, Jill. “Protests were last resort, groups say: concerns include WDBM, Mount Graham” State News, (page 3).


2/18/94 Koppisch, Michael S. “Issues of particular concern to minorities are addressed in the following courses in the Department of Romance and Classical Languages” MEMO To Dr. Philip A. Korth Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters. List of relevant course offered at the time by MSU that could possible be included in a Race/Ethnicity Studies Thematic. No description of the classes is present. It is simply a list of courses offered. The process these courses went through to determine their acceptability for this category is undeterminable.

2/25/94 Lynema, Kevin W. “ASMSU to push ‘U’ for grape boycott: film of farm horrors provokes support” State News (Front Page)

2/28/94 Gorbett, Jason. “Lansing may honor labor activist: proposal would rename avenue after Chavez” State News (Front Page).

2/28/94 Haake, Jill. “McPherson responds to demands: ‘U’ to address some Chicano Latino concerns” State News (front page)

3/94 Memo " Course Relevant to racial and ethnic issues in the college of social science"

3/94 Lansing MI., city council votes to change Grand Ave. to Cesar Chavez Ave.

3/94 AUTHOR Unknown “Courses relevant to racial and ethnic issues in the college of social science (by department) March 1994” MEMO obtained through FOIA Description: “The following courses in the College of Social Sciences have been identified as having substantial, direct or indirect, relevance to aspects of race and ethnicity. In many instances, the abbreviated course description (the catalog entry) makes the explicit. But in many other cases, the illustrative materials used in the course (e.g. case studies, reading, as well as lectures and class discussions) regularly make use of information on racial and ethnic issues even though the words “race” and “ethnicity do not appear in the course title of description. Many course in the latter category provide knowledge essential to a well-rounded understanding of racial and ethnic issues. Faculty who recently taught the courses (or who have substantial expertise in the areas covered by courses not recently taught) are noted. (February 21, 1994)”

3/1/94 Haake, J. (1994) “President considers alternatives: Chicanos, Latinos still ‘outraged’” State News (Front Page).

3/2/94 Mireles, Ernesto “RE: February 28, 1994 meeting” MEMO To M. Peter McPherson, President, MSU. Is a summary of a meeting between McPherson and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) students concerning: 1. LUPE scholarship, 2. Cesar Chavez Library, 3. Chicano/Boricua Studies, 4. Failure of MSU to join the United Farm Workers Grape boycott.


3/3/94 Editorial. “Realizing demands: Scholarship fund, renaming room an adequate start” State News (page 4).


3/3/94 Haake, Jill. “Some groups disagree with ‘Chavez Hall’ idea” State News (Front Page).


3/3/94 Holguin, Gerard. Editorial Cartoon “Scientific Study on effects of pesticides” State News (page 4).


3/7/94 Rosenman, Kenneth, MD. Report “Occupational Health Issues related to the production of Table Grapes.” This report had been ordered by McPherson as a results of student protests. But was never released to the the public because the report indicates pesticides do play a role in birth defects and other disorders among agricultural workers.


3/15/94 Haake, Jill. “Table grape boycott not new for ‘U’; current resistance an ‘ironic twist’” State News (front page).

3/24/94 Adams, Debra “MSU to Honor Chavez After Students Protest: Officials laud ‘Mutual Goals’” Black Issues in Higher Education Reston: Vol. 11, Issue. 2, p. 20

3/29/94 McPherson, Peter “This is to acknowledge your letter dated March 2, 1994 and received March 14, 1994” MEMO To Ernesto Todd Mireles, MEChA Chair.  An update on what had been worked From the 2/28/94 meeting. This memo is important because McPherson states about the creation of a studies program “We support the establishment of an ethnic studies program that would included Chicano/Boricau(sic) courses…as to an exact time line, none was given, however, Provost Simon has indicated that it would take from 12-15 months before “significant” progress would be achieved.” Here he indicates some type of report is being created by MSU as to the safety of eating table grapes.

3/30/94 Haake, Jill. “Rally to aim for ‘U’ grape boycott: delays in pesticides study results leave students frustrated” State News (Front Page).

3/31/94 Statewide rally at Michigan State University in support of the United Farm Workers grape boycott. Students and community members from around the state were present. Rebecca Flores Harrington of the UFW and Baldemar Velasquez of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee and Rebecca Flores-Harrington of the United Farm Workers were the main speakers.

4/1/94 Haake, Jill. “Protesters call for ‘No mas uvas’: ‘U’ told to take grape boycott more seriously” State News (front page).

4/94 Unknown. “Chicano Rights” Opinion, The State News.

4/4/94 Editorial. “Campus Rally: demonstration a perfect example of effective protest” State News (page 4).

4/4/94 Haake, Jill. “ ‘U’ considers other Latino demands” State News (page 3)

4/4/94 Holguin, Gerard. Editorial Cartoon “The jig is up” State News (page 4)


4/6/94 Resident Hall Association votes to join the Grape Boycott.

4/7/94 Solari, Chris. Mystery surrounds grape-free trustee dinner: official deny making request” State News (front page).

4/7/94 Robbins, Larry “Gaps in Anthropology related to Ethnic Studies Specialization” MEMO to Ken Corey, Dean College of Social Sciences Describes follow up to an ethnic studies meeting and the concern over a lack of faculty to teach the required courses should this specialization ever come online Robbins writes “I am especially concerned about this in relation to the composition of our faculty. We only have on minority faculty member, Professor (Jose Benitez) Spielberg. We have never had an and African American faculty member in anthropology, although as you know we have tried for a target of opportunity hire in the area in the recent past.”


4/8/94 Rumbaut, Ruben G. (4/8/94) “RE: Some comments on “Ethnic Studies,” per your request as a follow-up to our discussions at our meeting of April 6” MEMO to Ken Corey, Dean College of Social Science, includes (2) table with demographic information and (3) News article detailing the outbreak of Civil War in Rwanda


4/21/94 Hawkins, B. Denise. “MSU Grape Boycott Draws Hundreds of Supporters” Black Issues In Higher Education, pgs. 24-25.

4/25/94 Haake, Jill. “ ‘U’ nixes grape boycott this year: Mural, reading room, scholarship promised instead” State News (front page).

4/25/94 McPherson, M. Peter “Note: The following statement from Peter McPherson, President, Michigan State University, addresses the Chicano/Boricau (sic) issues raised by students of CRU/MECHA” Press Release Establishes 1. Cesar Chavez library with funding, 2. LUPE Scholarship, 3. Ethnic studies – “I enthusiastically support the establishment of an ethnic studies program that would include Chicano/Boricau (sic) issues.  Work is continuing toward establishing such an ethnic studies program. Indeed, Provost Simon is prepared to immediately invest resources in partnership with colleges and departments”

4/28/94 Banks, Robert F. “Sub: Professor Maria Montoya” MEMO to John Eadie, Dean College of Arts and Letters Job offer to Montoya who was a candidate for the Chicano History position currently available at MSU in the History department, Montoya went to University of Michigan.

5/94 AUTHOR Unknown “Towards an MSU ethnic studies specialization” Report by committee, obtained through FOIA. Final report by a joint committee from the College of Social Sciences and the College of Arts and Letters. Lays out the philosophy for the specialization in four points: 1. Increase the diversity of curriculum choices or reflect the diversity of MSU student body and larger culture; 2. Increase understanding, awareness and appreciation of ethnicity; 3. Provide knowledge of the wide range of ways of thinking about ethnicity and ethnic experiences; 4. Promotes scholarship in the field of ethnicity.


5/5/94 Q106 Radio personality Tim Barron plays skit degrading to Mexicans on Lansing, MI. morning radio.


5/5/94 Allen, William B. “RE: Ethnic Studies Specialization – Draft Proposal” MEMO to Kenneth Corey, Dean College of Social Sciences, John Eadie, Dean College of Arts and Letters General memo outlining how Allen sees student enrolled in James Madison College (where he was Dean at the time) fit into and may complete the proposed specialization. Overall, Allen is critical of the proposal and how Madison students would participate.


5/6/94 Ok Lee, Dong (5/6/94) “RE: Review of your memo and the proposed program on ESS” MEMO to Dean Ken Corey, SSC, Dean John Eadie, A&L Shorter memo outlining some of the same problems Allen saw. Lack of specificity in terminology dealing with ethnic and race issues, also questions about scholarly direction of the proposed specialization.


5/11/94 “Apologize – WJXQ must tune out remarks” Lansing State Journal.


5/13/94 Gilchrist, Brenda “Radio exec apologizes for anti Latino parody” The State News


5/13/94 Makinen, Tim “Q106 officials offer an apology” Lansing State Journal


5/13/94 Atkins, Elizabeth. “Lansing-area radio station apologizes for anti-Mexican parody” The Detroit News.


5/14/94 Lansing State Journal “Learning – radio station gets humbling education”


5/15/94 Scotta, Tony “Mexicans picket radio station over skit” Lansing State Journal


5/16/94 Legal arm of the Zapatista movement does a presentation at St. Annes in Southwest Detroit.


5/94 Makinen, Tim. “Bruises linger from parody” Lansing State Journal.

5/19/94 Corey, Kenneth E. & Eadie, John W. “RE: The preliminary results of the Ethnic Studies Specialization task force” MEMO to Provost Lou Anna K. Simon Deans Corey and Eadie’s final report to Simon about the ESS containing further recommendations concerning the implementation of that specialization.

5/24/94 Banks, Robert F. MEMO "Acting Director, Julian Samora Research Institute"

Course Description IAH/ISS 246 – Ethnicity in America: Cultural and Social Dimensions Says the course should be ready for the 1995-6 school year.

6/3/94 Staff "Hispanics urge Q106 Advertisers to boycott station" Lansing State Journal.

6/3/94 Cole, Kenneth "Latino urge businesses to cancel ads on Lansing station" Lansing State Journal.


6/94 Unknown. “Learning - Radio station gets a humbling education” Lansing State Journal.


7/18/94 Jackson, Linda A. (7/18/94) “Subject: Ethnic Studies Specialization” EMAIL to Dean Philip Korth Jackson relates her experiences working on syllabus and course descriptions benefiting Ethnic Studies at MSU, wants a meeting with Korth.


7/18/94 Korth, Philip (7/18/94) “Subject: Re: Ethnic Studies Specialization” EMAIL to Linda Jackson Korth indicates he is willing to meet. Filed as – pending Ethnic Studies

7/20/94 Michigan State University student newspaper runs article on Fred Stackable a local lawyer who opposes the Chavez Ave. street name.

7/22/94 Stackable makes his first (of many appearances) on the Tim Barron Morning Show. ¨On July 22, 1994 Q106 had Stackable on the air talking about the petition and supplying them to people to stop the renaming of Grand Avenue to Cesar Chavez Avenue. Stackable continued to be regular guest on the morning show over the course of the next year.

8/9/94 Simon, Lou Anna Kimsey “SUBJ: Response to the “Preliminary Results of the Ethnic Studies Specialization task force” MEMO Kenneth Corey, Dean College of Social Science, John W. Eadie, Dean College of Arts and Letters “Given the significance, than, of the MSU Ethnic Studies specialization project, the short time you had to work with it, and the preliminary state of the current proposal, I was pleased, albeit somewhat surprised, that you told the President [McPherson] the specialization would be available in Fall 1995.”

8/27/94 Gendreau, Gisgie “Latinos: Get Q106 off image effort” Lansing State Journal.

8/28/94 Refugio “Will” Rochin is hired as the first permanent Director of the Julian Samora Research Institute.

8/30/94 Pfeiffer, Claire “Hollister’s image campaign blasted” The State News.


8/30/94 Makinen, Tim. “Hispanics angry at mayor” Lansing State Journal.


9/94 Jackson, Linda, A. “An Ethnic Studies Specialization at Michigan State University Criteria for Course Inclusion” Report outlining the criteria for classes to be considered as part of the specialization, includes another list of classes being offered at MSU.


9/8/94 César Chávez was presented, posthumously, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President William Clinton.


9/10/94 Letter from MEXA students to Lansing Latino leaders urging them to not attend a reception hosted by McPherson. The event was well attended.


9/13/94 MacDonald, Christine. “Turner resigns after 15 years at ‘U’” The State Journal.

9/16/94 Lou Anna Simon Ethnic Studies Memo


9/16/94 Grand Ave. in Lansing MI., is officially renamed Cesar Chavez Ave.  The city took down Grand Ave. signs and replaced them with Cesar Chavez Ave. signs. Those signs would remain up for the next year.

9/19/94 Pfeiffer, Claire. "Lansing honors Cesar Chavez" The State News.


9/21/94 Pfeiffer, Claire. “Students renew grape boycott issue” The State News.


9/21/94 Eadie, John (9/21/94) “RE: Faculty Position Requests for FY 95/96” MEMO to Robert Banks Description of departments with openings in the faculty that could be filled by and ESS hire.


9/22/94 La Onda Latina Student Initiative conference at MSU. “Don’t Get Caught - the straight skinny on activism civil disobedience and monkeywrenching.


9/26/94 Unknown. “Proposition 187 unfair” Opinion, The State News.


10/7/94 Sandy “Reminder: Faculty Position Requests for FY 95/96 – Letter to Dr. Banks” MEMO to Dean Eadie/Maribeth List of Faculty positions sent to Planning and Budgets.


10/13/94 Pfeiffer, Claire. “Minorities seek ‘U’ commitment” Front Page, The State News.


10/17/9 (                         ) “Library Slow Response” The State News.


10/24/94 Weir, Karessa E. & Smith, Jennette. “Klan, protesters exchange insults at rally”

The State News.


10/28/94 MacDonald, Christine. “Protesters battle DJ’s comments” The State Journal.  


11/8/94 California voters pass Proposition 187 a law requiring all public workers to turn in illegal or suspected illegal immigrants.

11/11/94 A Federal judge issues a temporary restraining order, prohibiting the State of California from implementing Proposition 187, that would have denied most public services to illegal aliens.

11/23/94 McConeghy, Patrick M. Letter to Condoleezza Rice, Provost Stanford University Letter asking for advice about how to handle ethnic studies unrest based on a news article which said Stanford was waiting for two reports on the future of Asian American Studies and Chicano Studies.


11/28/94 Simon, Lou Anna Kimsey “Ethnic Studies Specialization” MEMO to Dean Kenneth Corey College of Social Science, Dean John Eadie, College of Arts and Letters Memo explaining the absence of Sept. 16, 1994 memo concerning the ESS that was never sent. The memo included a copy of the 9/16 memo along with her current concerns.


12/94 Judge Mariana Pfaelzer issued a permanent injunction of Proposition 187 in blocking all provisions except those dealing with higher education and false documents


12/1/94 La Onda Latina (statewide coalition of Latino student groups) holds anti Prop 187 rally at the state capital.


12/2/94 Evenson, A.J. “Protest targets Proposition 187” Lansing State Journal.


12/2/94 Weir, Karessa E. & Pfeiffer, Claire. “Chicanos, Latinos protest racism” Front Page, The State News.


12/9/94 (                     ) “Gonzalez Family Fire” The State News.


12/27/94 FOIA reply from MSU to Ernesto Todd Mireles.