Ernesto Mireles is a Professor of Social Justice Studies at Prescott College, author of the award winning book Insurgent Aztlan, a strategy coach for organizers, and creator of The Reality Dysfunction Podcast. Follow him on Twitter. Read his ideas on building Xicano Latino political power at La Xicanada Blog.

Dr. Ernesto Todd Mireles MSW, Ph.D.

Dr. Mireles is a dynamic thought leader who is deeply involved in building Xicano movement political organizations. This year Dr. Mireles presentations focus deeply on the political growth of the Xicana/o/x through these two questions:

Who are we politically and culturally without the settler?

What is Insurgent Aztlan?

Dr. Mireles is available for in person and online presentations.

Dr. Ernesto Todd Mireles' Bio

Over the past three decades, Dr. Mireles has trained and helped to train numerous young Xicanos and Xicanas across the country in the basics of community mobilization and organizing in a variety of settings. 

He learned to be an organizer the old fashion way: knocking doors, visiting workers, protesting the police, and building grassroots organization.

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Mexicanos 2070 is a think collective dedicated to reclaiming and enriching our indigenous Mexican American culture and enhance our way of life. We currently do this through the Colegio Chicano, ongoing community based research and our monthly webinar series that highligts issues in the Xicano community and the people who are addressing them.


Colegio Chicano
​“Our intent is to bring Xicano studies to the largest assembly of Mexican American students ever – anyone with access to a computer and the internet. There is no cost to take the courses. The only expense to the student is the time and effort they put into working through the courses.”


Prior educational experience is not required to enroll in the CCP courses. In additon to meeting with instructors student have the opportunity to work through the course until they have mastery of the subject. We believe Xicana/o/x of all ages want access to professionally developed, undergraduate and graduate level courses specifically about the Xicano community.


La Raza Unida Party is a Chicano-Raza response to our people having no political power. La Raza Unida spread like wildfire in 1970 as chapters sprung up all over Aztlan. Today organizers from across the country are working online and in their local communities to build a political organization that will represent the Xicano Raza community.


Prescott College is a liberal arts college in Pescott, Az. Prescott currently has a memorandum of understanding with Mexicanos 2070 that lends support to the Colegio Chicano project.