War of the Flea website is a website dedicated to bringing critical analysis of the contemporary colonial situation and how it affects the Xicanx/Indigenous/Latinx communities in the United States. The increasingly overt militarized nature of the attacks on our Indigenous communities across the hemisphere demand an intentional and critical analysis of events be undertaken. Our hope is that this website will become a clearinghouse for voices doing that work. 

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War of the Flea and The Reality Dysfunction Team

Ernesto Todd Mireles, Ph.D.

is faculty at Prescott College where he teaches Xicano/Ethnic Studies and community organizing.His recently published book Insurgent Aztlan: the liberating power of cultural resistance is available on Amazon. 

Alexander Yanish is another prole in the metropole, his overeducation and experience have lead him to the obvious conclusion that humans must destroy what is to allow for people to live dignified existence. He likes riding his bike and yellling at the security cameras he passes.

Francisco Tenox Lopez, a native of Mexico City, came north to Michigan in 1979. His participation in community organizing led him to serve the youth in Michigan and California as an educator for over 20 years. He holds degrees from Columbia College Chicago, Chapman University and Cal State San Bernardino.

Alexandra Lozada is dedicated to creating networks and making connections to improve the pipeline of Black and Latino students in higher education. Additionally, she is involved in implementing retention based strategies to close the performance and graduation gap for Black and Latino college students. She holds a BA from Michigan State University and an MA from New York University. As an undergraduate Alex found her political feminist voz and has been on a soap box ever since.  She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Rainer Delgado is a Xicano from the Great Lakes region. He works in the telecommunication industry and is active in the labor movement. Most important to note is that he still knows where his towel is. 

Magda Sanchez Activist, mistress of global commerce, opinionated, curiously intellectual, Latino history nerd, 5th generation educator, lover of 5-inch heels, makeup, & dressing up. Founder of STEAM IGNITE, a tech program for 8th grade girls. Executive producer of ‘War of the Flea: The Fight for Xicano Studies.’ 100% Raza, Mestiza, Latina. Mommy to Gabriela, a chingona rescue pooch from the west side of San Antonio.

Daniel R. Soza III was born and raised in Saginaw, MI and currently serves as
the Director of Samaritas Community Center in Saginaw’s south side. Prior to that, he served as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America for 15 years.  He then attended Michigan State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. 


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